League is a MMO

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User Info: Last_matter

5 years ago#11
League is a MO not an MMO, 10 players in a game is not a massive amount of players. If it was 500v500 it would be an MMO.

The amount of registered players has nothing to do with the type of the game.

Your topic is useless and you fail at trying to be a smart*ss.
That was a fail, an epic fail.. - Guy Cecil

User Info: WNxDevTech

5 years ago#12
Blocktopus posted...
...A TV screen tied to a rock could play Half-Life...-_MechanicalFrog

User Info: Kujja

5 years ago#13

TC doesn't know what "massively multiplayer" means.

User Info: Smishhh

5 years ago#14
Smash Bros Brawl is an MMO. And don't forget online Scrabble.

User Info: KirynTheCleric

5 years ago#15
This is why Guild Wars 1 was not an MMO, it wasn't a massive open world game (everything is instanced) whereas Guild Wars 2 IS an MMO. TC HAS to be trolling... Please tell me he's trolling... Please...
"And at what point did you decide to stay on the forums? I don't get that mentality but some people don't have better things to do." - Nofoundation.

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