Good ranged character for a beginner?

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4 years ago#21
Flame_Hazard posted...
So after talking to a friend of mine, he explained the roles to me. From what he told me, it sounds like I should avoid playing hard carry and tank roles (I want to avoid playing something THAT crucial to the outcome). Which of the aforementioned characters are junglers, gankers, or support?

I'm about to run through the names and check them against a guide someone linked me on, but I'm open to any last input. And I got the free Tristana, so whatever role she is, I'm probably gonna play her for a few days simply for convenience.

If you're just learning and care enough about your team to avoid difficult roles, I would recommend support so you can learn about warding, map awareness, blah blah etc, and you'll have someone else with you in lane, which is nice. The game also won't heavily rely on you as long as you just throw wards everywhere. Here are the difficulties with each role:

ADC (ranged class you were asking about) - You're suuuuuuper squishy and will die quick. You also do the most sustained damage of anyone on your team and you're extremely important, so you have to position properly constantly so you're not cowering away from your team doing no damage, but you're also not going leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy into the enemy team and instantly dying.

Tank - You have to know when is a good time to initiate and when isn't, which comes with experience. Being new you'll probably try to initiate at stupid times, or run away when you were supposed to initiate the fight, which will make you a crappy tank.

Mid - You're basically dueling someone, and you have to assist the lanes above and below you whenever you can. It's a tough thing to balance, and since you're new and don't know what champions can do what you'll get stomped by your enemy who will likely know all of your skills and their cooldowns.

Jungle - Don't jungle. Without runes and masteries, which you get from leveling up, which you get from playing, you'll have an extremely hard time killing monsters in the jungle, so you'll be very slow and fall behind. Trust me, I tried jungling at lv2, my friend was like oh sure get boots 3 pot and start red, you'll be fine. Nothing in the game feels worse than dying to a monster and having it announced to everyone. It's also extremely easy to fall behind. All of the monsters become stronger over time, and everyone else in the game is constantly gaining exp by being in their lane, so if you mess up you'll be useless and continue falling further behind, since you'll be too weak to kill monsters and too weak to try to gank a lane that's many levels above you. It feels really bad being lv4 when everyone else is lv12 (the result of my first time jungling when I knew nothing about it and was blindly following a friend's instructions).

If I had to rank what I think you would have the easiest time with and learn the most from:
1. Support (bot)
2. Tanky fighter (top)
3. ADC (bot)
4. APC (mid)
5. Jungle (don't do it!)

The easiest champions I can think of off the top of my head for each of those roles:
1. Sona (Very good champ and she's faceroll)
2. Jax (He wins against pretty much everybody 1v1)
3. Graves (Easy to use, very strong, and tankier than most ADCs)
4. Ryze (Probably the most faceroll champion in the game)
5. Just don't do it.
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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#22
You know, if you're a beginner, chances are you are kind of playing against beginners as well.

Just as much as you won't know how to use characters like Ezreal or Kog'Maw effectively, neither does the enemy team know how to counter them once you do SOMETHING right.

You said you're not opposed to enjoying a hair-ripping cliff of a learning curve if it will pay off, well, go ahead. It will pay off in the end because you will dive into whatever character looks interesting instead of follow the easy route, which eventually means you learn a broader spectrum of the game through actual game play and get a feel to how to judge what's easy and what's hard for yourself. Plus the best way to learn how to deal with troublesome champions is to play them yourself.

On topic: Graves and Tristana.
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User Info: angelwkw3

4 years ago#23
Graves is the easiest and one of the safest ranged champs to learn without a doubt.

Anyone saying Ezreal, Draven, or Ashe aren't smart.
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User Info: qqaaxx

4 years ago#24
Graves would be the easiest since he has some tankyness that helps.

Cait is free often enough and she has the longest range at level 1, which is helpful.
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User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#25
Graves us a solid choice, though I loath to admit it.

But you said you didn't want to be a hard carry at first? Well, consider changing your mind. You want to learn those important roles early so you won't be letting your teams down later one when they expect you to already know them.

But I notice you just said a ranged character, not necessarily an ADC. So I would also recommend Twisted Fate, who can do both acceptably, and go AP mid very well.

If you are hellbent on not being an 'important' role, you can really only choose support at this point. Jungle would kill you, and its getting reworked to be harder. Do not try to jungle without at LEAST armor yellow runes, and don't even bother getting those until level 20, because that's when tier 3 runes unlock. And ideally level 30 so you can have a full rune page.

For support, I recommend two champs. Soraka, who is the queen of sustain. She heals, she restores mana, she heals the whole team, and she shreds magic resist off enemies.
I also recommend, but most people will probably disagree with me so take it with a grain of salt, is Karma. She has a really powerful shield, a decent AoE heal, and can speed up/slow down allies/enemies. And has good damage on top of that. She's not used much, however, because she is a little item dependant to do her best. Most supports try to get 0 creep score, so you don't get the gold to build what you would need to be at your best. So she's not bad, she's just in a weird place for the current meta.
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