jax doesnt lose top to anyone

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User Info: FlameLord23

5 years ago#41
Alr3m1 posted...
This topic is full of poppycock and butternothings.

Violence is never the answer.
Because the answer is always Vlad.

User Info: Blbmbr666

5 years ago#42
From: kourkour | #033
From: OgreBattle019 | #025
Master Cilander posted...
Swain is a nightmare lane.

swain gets jumped on easy and if jax is good at dodging roots swain has no answer

Jax rushes wit's end and then abyssal, gg.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, sick Jax build bro. Swain would eat him alive and deny so much CS that Jax wouldn't have those items til 30 minutes.
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User Info: Airsoftcomeback

5 years ago#43
Kyle sux fis game an works in fields like a sissy
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