C/D: You're incredibly OCD with your item placement.

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User Info: BloodyWaterz

4 years ago#41
Pots/Offensive Cds 1
Defensive Cds 2
Wards 3
Boots 6
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User Info: DuDuDu10101

4 years ago#42
usually have my item purchases arranged to a state of mind i glance and see what i have and don't have

actives/pots then wards are obviously in the first 3 slots
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User Info: Blarg92

4 years ago#43
D, I don't even have a designated slot for wards. Though for what it's worth, in Dota 2 I am much more consistent, force staff is always 4 and boots are usually 5.
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User Info: MasterDarken

4 years ago#44
Boots in the last spot, as they are worn on the feet, weapons on 1 and 3, to match the hands. Armor or something worn on the body on 2, anything else goes on 4 and 5.


Nashor - 1, Rabadon - 2, Rylai - 3, Grail - 4, Lichbane - 5, Boots - 6

User Info: EnricoMarini01

4 years ago#45
I only do that if I have multiple copies :D (two doran's blades, for example. They've gotta be beside each other, or on the same row, and the boots is in between or something)

Patterns are pretty op.
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User Info: Herbert0

4 years ago#46
I always put actives into slots 3,4. Wards go into 6 while potions always go into 2.

User Info: RaytheRuler

4 years ago#47
Late game when I have most of my build, I sometimes like to shift the order to offensive items on top and defensive/boots to the bottom.

Otherwise, actives in slots 1-3 depending on which buttons I'm not using to spam jokes/taunts.

User Info: Akihiko__Sanada

4 years ago#48
I'm seriously tired of people using the term "OCD" this way. I bet I'm the only person in this topic who actually has OCD.
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User Info: captainmurphy72

4 years ago#49
Wards always slot 3
Active items in slot 1
Health pots in slot 2
Extra active item goes to slot 2

User Info: Wii_kid_bf2142

4 years ago#50
Pots in 2
Wards in 3
Pinks in 4
Item actives on 1-2
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