To the Zrya players out there

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User Info: lvl99link

5 years ago#11
REWQ for everything.
I've played her since she has been out. Running 31 AP runes and standard AP masteries.

E gives you a longer snare and the damage and mana cost will get you through laning phase.
W gives you cooldowns, and at 13 you should (if you like them) have lucid boots. Giving you 39% cdr.
Q is good, but the mana cost is greater than E and the fact that you do relatively the same damage with E, along with a snare and slow makes it to where you max this one last.

Start Dorans.
Then blasting if you can make it, boots if not. RoA, Depending on the team, rylai's or DC next, Void Staff, then either Zhonyas, or FoN.

Using this build you can solo burst any champ, and if you can't then you can get away from them. You won't need blue period, freeing it up for support or jungle for the mana dependent junglers out there.
Your health with be off the charts, and you will be near immune to ganks.

Also another note is, at level 14, you can solo dragon from across the bush and never get hit.
4 plants down, E R Q. Continue to skill cast the dragon. Easy and safe dragon.
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