Who is/are the hardest adc(s) to play effectively?

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5 years ago#21

I'm confused though, how is Vayne difficult to play? I used to play her a lot and there was nothing special, just pinning people against walls and rolling to poke in lane. I don't see how her and Draven can be mentioned in the same sentence when it comes to difficulty.
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User Info: Lithsp

5 years ago#22
The hardest to play effectively is Twitch.

I say this because he doesn't play like most traditional ADC's, you need to master his poison and stealth to really go to town with him.

I believe he requires the most skill anyway.

User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#23
Hardest to play well, to me, are:

Draven, Twitch, Ezreal.

Hardest to carry with are Ashe, Tristana, Vayne.
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User Info: Voidgolem

5 years ago#24
Vayne is probably the hardest to be effective with. Low base damage, squishy, and relatively short-ranged.

Whereas, say, Twitch or Trist have Expunge/Rocket Jump to seal the deal with early/midgame.
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User Info: Snacks23

5 years ago#25
"hard" is a subjective term because not only are their general playstyles almost exactly the same, but at the end of the day it's just last hitting and right clicking people while making sure you aren't getting jumped on by the whole enemy team. you can make every role sound simple like that, because this game is really easy to learn and be decent in, there are just things in the game that are less easy.

I don't think Vayne is that hard because she doesn't require doing anything that other ADCs dont also require. Yes, Graves/Corki/Ezreal have really stupid "get out of jail free cards" that Vayne doesn't have (sorta, if you view tumble as a decent escape, which it can be I guess), but positioning is still important for them, and once you get half your build with Vayne, fuggedaboutit. Her only difficulty is in lane phase and if you can just manage to not feed and stay within 30 cs of the enemy carry your chances of winning are extremely high.

If I had to say any ADC is the least easy to get the hang of, it's Caitlyn, if for no other reason than she is easily the worst ADC in the game and if you can consistently carry a game with her, you've "mastered" the fundamentals of ADC and would probably be doing better, or at the very least just as well, if you played any other carry instead.
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User Info: Rihawf

5 years ago#26
Survive that early game.
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User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

5 years ago#27
I find Corki one of the harder ones, His range I find is a real problem.

User Info: Deanyzy

5 years ago#28
Definitely Draven.

Ashe is also tricky to use effectively just because of her ult, it takes a lot of practice to master long ranged Arrows. Vayne requires a good sense of timing and definitely good positioning as she has to survive an awful early game and a large part of her burst damage relies on her target being close to a wall or object.

Twitch is tricky to get used to but I don't think he's hard to use effectively. Varus can be a bit awkward to use since the key to playing him well is managing his passive and blight stacks which is easier said then done.

User Info: thecrazyfrog

5 years ago#29

User Info: GForceDragon

5 years ago#30
Vayne is really difficult.
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