How do I lane against Le Blanc?

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User Info: 1stClassLegacy

5 years ago#11
Guys he is playing blind pick so he doesn't know when he will be facing Lb. Just do what others have said and rush a negatron. Call for a lot of ganks and just focus your effort on not letting her kill you. As long as she doesnt get fed she will probably fall behind in minion kills as most Lb players are just constantly looking for that next kill. Her gold will fall off and yours won't. I say this as a Lb main.

User Info: Dark_Luna3

5 years ago#12
Flat MR Quints. Flat MR blues. Build an early Chalise > Hextech. Don't go too out of your way by going Mercs over Sorc. You'll still want to be useful in fights where LB can target someone else anyway.

But in the end, you can stall her as long as you don't feed. She'll lose dominance by mid game. Push her to tower also if you can so she'll struggle to farm.

Shrug off pokes/burst with the 90 MR you have and heal it back efficiently with the spell vamp.

User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#13
magic resist and lots and lots of health pots.
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User Info: Ravid182

5 years ago#14
Pick an ap mid that can push lane HARD.

Preferably safely.

Morgana is a good example. You push super hard to her tower at all times as morgana and then walk back and wait at your tower for next wave.

You will out cs her hard as LB has a miserable time farming at tower.

ALso Wukong is a hard counter to lb btw so you could try that.

ALso when she is pushed to her tower, she can't roam, can't push back, cs's terribly, and she can't harass you because she is trying so hard to cs.

My fave "counter pick" to LB is surprisingly cass. However, I level cass's skills completely different than normal when I am vs lb.

I max W then Q as cass and just push lane and wait at tower [or farm wraiths] and LB can't do a thing against me, I get crazy farm, and am going to way outscale her if she does farm decently under tower somehow.

Every time a wave comes up I put W under it and then q and then walk away I get all the cs after a few levels and lb is gonna get nearly none because tower will get most.

User Info: Dark_Luna3

5 years ago#15
I'm personally against rushing a Negatron unless you rush Abyssal on some champs.

Thing with Chalice is that it's useful for more than the MR. Great mana regen item. Then with decent MR you can buy spell vamp to heal back her poke. ENd result is that you'll still have damage and sustain for fights.

Negatron makes you less useful for anything other than specifically protecting yourself against her.

User Info: 1stClassLegacy

5 years ago#16
Just want to back up everyone's point that LB can't farm under her turret. The 1-2-1 and 2-1 last hitting methods don't work for LB because her AD is too low as the minions scale. The problem with this strategy however is that it puts you dab in the middle of the lane and if a jungler with any type of cc ganks, you are all but guarenteed to die. Lb will close the distance and destroy you. When I play against Lb I like to last hit at my turret so she has to put herself into a gankable position, then I build MR and roam and farm jungle as much as possible. When I roam to bot or top lane I will often ward for them so that when Lb resorts to the same strategy it doesn't work. Beating Lb is all about denying her kills until mid game has passed. Then she is pretty useless as chances are she hasn't made much money.

User Info: DarkEspeon996

5 years ago#17
Play for late game.
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User Info: thecrossnkight

5 years ago#18
Don't rush a negatron. Rush a catalyst or double dorans and hard push the lane. Leblanc can't stop you from pushing her under her tower, and shes way less scary when she doesnt have all that movement. Just push and back away out of her range. She'll become so transparent in what she plans on doing you won't have to worry about her burst.
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User Info: OwlRammer

5 years ago#19
hard push the lane so she either has to use her mana to last hit or lose alot of cs or use mana and then have none to use to combo you
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User Info: Zeroisahero

5 years ago#20
buy mr. she falls of late game hard.
shes bad overall. ive only seen a leblanc dominate at MLG anaheim, and she did EVERYTHING right. never missed CS always landed E. The gameplay was flawless.

It isnt worth to go through all that trouble when you can just play a ridiculous ap champion like Diana and faceroll assasin everyone while being tanky and have a shield.
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