Describe your elo with a movie title

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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#31
The Good the Bad and the --->UGLY<---
Never give up.
Never surrender.

User Info: omisfly

4 years ago#32
Wish I can say "2012" :(

Welp, either way somebody beat me to it

From: ultima9999 | #018

User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#33
1000 to 1
bricks on bricks on bricks

User Info: IceMan_128

4 years ago#34
Groundhog Day :/
The problem here is, Darius bursts like Akali, takes damage like Nasus, and snowballs like Jesus Christ.
LoL IGN: Kamon Race

User Info: Gargle

4 years ago#35
Gone with the Wind.
In your greed for materials, you have forgotten
The true meaning of hunting; the thrill

User Info: WFG_Elitest

4 years ago#36

User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

4 years ago#37
dirty dancing
LoL/XBL/Steam/Everything: TryHarderNubz

User Info: qwertyasdf0123

4 years ago#38
As Good As It Gets

User Info: Albinowalken69

4 years ago#39

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#40
...really aught to go see more movies, now that I think of it
"Assume all cover will explode. And if it doesn't explode, expect aliens to throw grenades in order to fix that"
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