If I like Ryze, who else would I like

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User Info: Sativa_Rose

4 years ago#1
I'm pretty new to this game, only like summoner level 14.

I really like Ryze. I'm not really a fan of melee champs.
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User Info: Shiny_Tyranitar

4 years ago#2

you faceroll with him too

User Info: VikillaV

4 years ago#3
lmao at TC's username
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User Info: Alkereon

4 years ago#4
Cassiopeia and Vladimir fit the whole 'Magic DPS' mould as well, although their ability damage scales only off AP, not AP and Mana.

Singed gets health from Mana, so you can build him similarly to Ryze, except that he doesn't work too well with Tear of the Goddess. This may change soon, though...
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User Info: zefig

4 years ago#5
Helps to say what you like about Ryze. Tanky mages? Low CD spells? Lack of skill shots?
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User Info: Frostshock

4 years ago#6
Ryze builds tanky and gets damage from mana.

Galio builds tanky and gets damage from magic resistance, but doesn't put out nearly as much as Ryze apart from his ult.

Vladimir builds for damage and gets tanky from AP.

Swain builds a bit of both and walks over the enemy team regaining any HP he loses.

Cassiopeia tries to land one of her spells, and then spams E faster than Ryze spams all of his spells.

Those are the four that probably have the most parallels with parts of Ryze's playstyle.
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User Info: CarbunkleFlux

4 years ago#7
Try out Vlad or Morde. Both are very tanky and have short cooldowns on their skills. Just noting that Morde is melee before you jump into him, though.

You might also like Kennen, depending on how much you like skillshots.
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User Info: Q-X

4 years ago#8
vlad probably

has the same "mash keys randomly and do constant damage to everyone and live forever" kind of thing going

User Info: SpinAsbel

4 years ago#9
You like spamming Q? I do too.
There's Cass, Karthus, and Ziggs.

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Wanna spam all your keys? Face roll with Riven, Darius, and Wukong.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

4 years ago#10
VikillaV posted...
lmao at TC's username
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