C/D: You got gold this season.

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User Info: Eclypse9810

5 years ago#31
C, both seasons so far
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User Info: Mystic__Hate

5 years ago#32

And so happy about it

Last season I got to 1515, then lost 6 in a row, 1512, lost 9 in a row, 1515 again, lost 5 more in a row.
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User Info: 1stClassLegacy

5 years ago#33

Plat in 3s, Gold in solo, Silver in 5s.

User Info: SoIldSnlvy

5 years ago#34

I'll have to settle with silver, meh.
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User Info: pastaman2232

5 years ago#35
hey goldmember
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User Info: princemarth23

5 years ago#36
C, in 3s and solo queue.

User Info: SubstituteZero

5 years ago#37
D, got to 1200-ish. Was my first season, so i'm pretty happy overall. Went positive by a couple wins.
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User Info: titan6669

5 years ago#38

almost got diamond too, got to 2190 then went 4/16.

User Info: gam3szzz_2

5 years ago#39
LoL ID: Pinkuu (Support Player)

User Info: Wayavas

5 years ago#40

I got to level 30, bought enough champions

W: 1
L: 1
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