How is Hecarim?

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User Info: chicostick

5 years ago#11
there was a time where for 2 weeks, I played against jungle hecarim.

The guy literally comes out of nowhere.

Ganks at level 2-3 as well. This is normals though.

User Info: MizunoRyuu

5 years ago#12
I personally don't like Hecarim. Only played a couple of games before refunding him for Elise... I just don't like how overly dynamic and ganky he is. Some people like that sort of play style but I don't. He has good camp-to-camp mobility and also clears individual camps quickly so his clear speed is very high. He plays a role similar to Skarner in team fights but with average AoE cc rather than excellent single target cc. If you like that play style then by all means pick him.
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User Info: KengPaoChicken

5 years ago#13
Whats a typical good hecarim build?
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User Info: aHappySacka

5 years ago#14
Well if you don't like Skarner then you won't like a bad copy of him.
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User Info: justdeath1

5 years ago#15
Luigy2693 posted...
Its not that I cant jungle with skarner, I just dont like how mana heavy he is and how reliant he is on getting blue.

How does one build hecarim? Rush trinity?

Hec is also mana heavy and reliant to blue
some of my friends would call Hec a weaker skarner but hec is much more fun IMO and his has a Malp like uti which can changed teamfights

User Info: Luigy2693

5 years ago#16
I messed around with hec on the pbe and liked his play style. Very fun to play, but it was a custom game with beginner bots. Cant really tell viability on bots. People are saying he is actually pretty decent, so I will get him once I get the last 2k ip.

So now how do I build him?

User Info: DartDragoon

5 years ago#17
I really don't understand why does everyone say that he's a worse Skarner. All they have in common is that spammable AoE Q. Hec's does more damage and can be spammed faster and faster while Skarner's is basically a permaslow.

Also, i'm sorry but Hecarim's ult is better than Skarner. I see you guys praising Malph's ult all the time and hecarim's ult is the same thing, but better.

As far as teamfight goes, Hecarim is infinitely better than Skarner. Skarner's good to peel off people off position. They'Re both terrific, but I like Hecarim more.

My Hecarim build:
Merc Threads/Ninja Tabi, depending
Frozen Heart
Force of Nature
Shurelia's Reverie
Free Slot -> Maw of Malmortius for more damage, Omen to become invincible or maybe Spirit Visage to boost up his W and become invincible during teamfights
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User Info: thisisboris2

5 years ago#18
skarner and Hecarim are both fas

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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

5 years ago#19
I play Hecarim (Pony) Jungle and Top and he's a LOT of fun to play.

His mobility is amazing and will get you into and out of almost any situation. I've had many gank attempts against me fall flat because of this (R to land on the other side of person trying to cut you off + Flash/Ghost + E = BYELOL). Because of the mobility, he's also very great at ganks, since you barely have time to see him coming, even when running through enemy wards sometimes. Running towards someone at max range and doing an E+W+R+Q combo does high AoE damage, is devastating to a single person and scatters a group.

What I build depends if I Jungle or Top, what the enemy team is made of and how I'm doing with ganks.

I always start with Boots + 3 HP pots regardless. If facing against AD, depending on gold amounts, build either Chain Vest or Glacial Shroud going towards Frozen Heart. If going against AP, build Negatron Cloak then decide if I want to be more defensive / Mobile or offensive. If I pick Defensive/Mobile, I build towards Force of Nature, if wanting to be more offensive, build towards Maw of Malmortius. After getting the first piece of my Defensive item (Vest/Shroud, Cloak/Hex), I upgrade my boots (Ninja Tabi VS AD and Merc Treds VS AP or CC) and build Sheen. If things are going well and I don't really need more defense, I'll finish TF. If things are going badly, I'll finish my defensive item and finish TF after that.

If I get any GP10s (not ganking a lot while Jungling or losing lane as Top), I go for either Shurelya's Reverie (from Philo Stone) or Youmuu's Ghostblade (from Avarice Blade) since they give good actives to use in times of need. I personally don't really like Randuin's Omen on Pony myself, but I can't really give any reasons why. Maybe because I get Armor from Frozen Heart prefer that over Omen, not sure.

Core for me is always:

-Ninja Tabi / Merc Treads
-Trinity Force
-Frozen Heart
-Force of Nature / Maw of Malmortius

I have played Pony top before and like the role there, but I prefer him as a Jungler. The roaming possibilities with him are amazing. I usually try not being a jerk, but I can't help but type in all chat "LOLNOPE.GIF" when I escape a 3-5 VS 1 gank attempt... or laugh when I do a E-W-R-Q combo to kill someone and get a "WTF did you come from?" or "Suddenly, Hecarim". I play Normals mind you, but I do consider myself a below average player and Pony is one that I just enjoy playing a lot and usually do well with.

He is dependent on Blue for CD and Mana Regen though, since you end up spamming Q and want your W and E on the lowest cool-down you can, but a lot of Junglers need Blue. I usually pop into the enemy Jungle to try and steal their Blue if I know they don't have a Jungler or if I feel comfortable taking it.
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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
5 years ago#20
Best Hecarim build:

Anything you want, without being a dumbass.

Hecarim is really versatile. He scales well with AD, move speed, attack speed, tankiness, and even a little bit AP. All he really needs is enough survivability to survive a 1-second burst, even if it means bringing him below 10%, and his W can easily heal back any health he loses if his team is not being stupid. Then he can either play the sustained damage role if he built AD/AP, or he can play the split pusher role if he built pushing items by jumping to another lane after his initial burst and pushing down a tower while the teamfight continues, or he can stay in the fray and disrupt with E, R, and auras if he built tank.
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