Who, in your opinion, was the most OP champ on release?

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User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#21
lol Zyra wasnt broken at all on release. If you dont answer with beta TF or Leblanc who was so bad they hotfixed her, you arent going to be taken seriously.

on another note, why is this the 50th topic of its kind I've seen this past year
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User Info: OgreBattle019

4 years ago#22
xin and tf are the best answers

acceptable ones:
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User Info: Mueviz

4 years ago#23
Beta tf was really strong but twitch back then was even scarier IMO.

There's a reason he was called pentatwitch. And then he received tons of nerfs...

But even beta jax which could dodge towers and the fountain laser and had 100% dodge was op as hell.

Or ryze.. I w then press r and you drop dead.

Or Morgana (even if people thought she sucked back then): her q had like 500 base damage and lasted 5 sec if I'm not wrong, her shield had like 700 base and her ult scaled with all of her ap twice... Did I mention that it would stun for 2 secs instead of slowing when activated and stunned again 4 secs later?
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User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#24
MishimaBlood posted...
Zyra, Diana n Ziggs

None of them were even close OP, let alone broken OP like others where.

Xin, Beta TF, Ori, Renekton (his Q would heal for almost half health if it hit a few minions and a champion)
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#25
Either Diana or Zyra. Then when they released Syndra, everybody was like "WTF a non-overpowered AP mid? Roit pls"

User Info: mutation10101

4 years ago#26
Anyone saying Zyra hasn't been playing too long, have you? She is no where near broken as TF or Xin. Having TF on your team solidified 1st blood if you had 1 other person join you.
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User Info: SythaWarrior

4 years ago#27
Not including Beta or anything before Xin.

Xin, Vayne, Orianna, Graves, Ahri, Zyra, Nocturne

It's one of those.

Likely Xin>Vayne>Zyra>Orianna>Graves>Nocturne>Ahri

Something like that.
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Beta Jax, Beta TF, Anivia for like a day or something.

User Info: thisisboris2

4 years ago#28
ctrl + f "twitch"

2 results found

gfaqs pls, we have these topics a lot
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User Info: necroix05

4 years ago#29
Beta TF, Xin, Twitch, Ezreal.

Jarvan gets an honorable mention as does Vanye West.
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User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#30
Beta TF or Xin
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