I used to believe in Tribunal

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User Info: Frosted_Midna

4 years ago#41
SoraOwnsAll posted...
From: Her_Paladin | #020
I shouldn't have to turn off voices just so you can spam /laugh like a two year old. Fair, next

how about you grow a pair and just kill them, then taunt over their body?

oh, you can't, because you suck.

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User Info: T-Viral-X

4 years ago#42
"check how many times he typed joke never stopped whole game really annoying"

*cough* @_@
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User Info: End_of_Day

4 years ago#43
i want to read this later
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User Info: WNxDevTech

4 years ago#44
Reported by: Enemy
"spammed his taunt all match. i will never watch batman with joker ever again"

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User Info: Baggi__Bumper

4 years ago#45
In the Singed spotlight, that's how Phreak tells you to play Singed....
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User Info: Forgettable

4 years ago#46
A sad day for Taric and Lux players.

User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#47
Wow are people just now realizing how stupid it is to have vindictive little kids acting as hall monitors in their free time?

User Info: SephirothPrime

4 years ago#48
im surprised these kids didnt burn down this guys house and murder his family.

tribunal has been a joke for a very very long time.
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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#49
If you are spamming your emotes, you know exactly what you are doing. Your intention is to annoy people. For those people saying "turn down your volume", how is that any different than "just dodge" if someone is trolling during champ select. "Just ignore" if someone is swearing and using racial slurs. "Just quit" if someone is intentionally feeding. Why is the burden put on the people being annoyed? Just punish the toxic scum who know well what they are doing.

User Info: Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos
4 years ago#50
"Not his first time through" isn't a justification for banning somebody for doing nothing wrong. It's a good reason to keep an extra eye on them since they're more liable to have done something wrong, i.e. their reports should more readily show up in Tribunal after repeated offenses, but ultimately if they didn't do anything wrong, they should be pardoned. And a majority decision? Ugh.

At any rate, I'm pretty sure it's been officially stated before that the system is all automated. The only time an actual Riot employee is involved is in the case of permanent bans.
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