I used to believe in Tribunal

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User Info: Dinh

4 years ago#61
FlareZero posted...
Dinh posted...
Game 4 where he calls someone "noob" and "gay" twice justifies it. The first three are just hilarious, though.

I hope you're not being serious.

Very serious. It's the equivalent of getting a speeding ticket for going 50 MPH in a 45. Is it lame? Yes. Is it still justified? Yes.

Also, Riot and tribunal aren't going to know you were "just kidding" when you are spouting off "noob" and "gay" in allchat.

User Info: shadow99226

4 years ago#62
Haha, I do this in ARAMs. Most of the time people join in.

User Info: pastaman2232

4 years ago#63
uh. guys

From: pastaman2232 | #029
From: SorrySleeping | #026
From: SorrySleeping | #009
Didn't Riot recently patch champion emotes so they could be spammed constantly?

I have to quote myself, since it got ignored. I seriously remember putting in a patch note about this. Fixed a bug where summoners couldn't spam champion emotes to their heart's content.

v1.0.0.140a Darius Patch
Fixed a bug where players could not spam emotes to their heart's content

yes. yes they did.

you can stop talking now
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