I met a girl at school who plays League of Legends...

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User Info: GlobalCooling

5 years ago#51
Kk, thank god, that is not her.

User Info: Szero200

5 years ago#52
BurnumMaster posted...
Szero200 posted...
I tried googling that poem to see if the TC ripped from some where but instead I found a facebook page of the same name that he mentioned. I still don't believe this story for second because there is no such thing as girls that play video games.

I found that girl on facebook as well....and if you look on her page, one of her likes is actually league of legends...

Yeah I noticed. It's almost as if he's telling the truth.
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User Info: eggbasket

5 years ago#53
Welcome to...

the Friend Zone.

Get out while you can!

Wait....is she assim?
There's far too much trash in the universe.

User Info: Ephidel

5 years ago#54
Great poem. Wordsworth would be proud.
When you close your eyes, I disappear.

User Info: Wayavas

5 years ago#55
GlobalCooling posted...
So I asked for her summoner name and we played a game together. Don't even ask me how much spaghetti fell out of my fanny pack when I asked her...

Anyways, she picked Sivir. I carried with Ori. Afterwards I asked her out in chat...

Me: So will you go on a date with me sometime? I'll buy you dinner :)
Her: Uhh don't call it a date since we're just friends.
Me: Oh sorry. I can still buy you dinner and maybe we can go to the mall afterwards. I can buy you jewelry or clothes or something :)
Her: K cool.

Do I have a chance with this girl?

asking a girl out in chat.......lol

I bet you still had no chance anyways
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User Info: Hadokenzero11

5 years ago#56
Just speak in Tryndamere quotes to her.

"My right right arm is stronger than my left!"
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User Info: gfshynobl

5 years ago#57
u got this brah
idk why u guys mad .
TC just got a way with the ladies
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User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
5 years ago#58
The female advice in this thread is hilarious

User Info: GlobalCooling

5 years ago#59
omega bahumat posted...
The female advice in this thread is hilarious

Then you give me some.

User Info: Enkeli91

5 years ago#60
TalentedM posted...
Mystic__Hate posted...
Chloroform her up. Works 10/10.

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