My build with Xed

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

5 years ago#1
just went 3/2/9, 14/2/7 , 16/5/9, 13/6/15, 4/0/3. Ranked games all wins, The last game ending it at 45 minutes with a qudra kill that would have been a penta but our mid took it.


10/11/9 masteries

AD reds, armor blues and yellows, MS quints

Max E first, then W, then Q last. (But take a point in Q at level 4)

boots and 3
dorens blade
2 x bloodthirsters
When enough money, sell brutalizer for GA, buy blue elixer to make up for 10% cooldown lost off brutalizer.

Maintain buff control.

Use W as a sort of projectile slow. Throw it out, E to slow them, W again to switch places, Q if you want. Chase them spamming E. Do the W trick again if they are still alive and need to slow again (barring you have red). I keep seeing xeds use W as a gap closer, but not as a slow. Remember, explode first, then switch places. It does the same damage either way, but with the shadow doing it, its a slow too.
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User Info: qwertyasdf0123

5 years ago#2
Dude you gotta build Tri-force on him, trust me. Damage is absolutely insane. I go Brutalizer (don't even get a Doran's, just rush it as soon as possible) > BT > Phage > Triforce. I'm jungling him maxing E first. I feel like he has the best clear times in the game.
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