Help me not suck as Varus

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User Info: Biglabron

5 years ago#11
Varus is actually really strong. If I had to compare him he is just short of Dravens burst but with increased ranged and cc.

Plain and simple, you're playing a champion with no escape/ mobility. Get used to it.
I don't always lose, but when I do it's purple sideu!!!

User Info: gkh5

5 years ago#12
Nymphomancer posted...
gkh5 posted...
Sounds like you just gotta get used to playing AD carry. With a few exceptions, most of them don't have a ton of damage early-mid game before they have their items and all of them are squishy (although graves less so). If there is someone with a gapcloser, you need to be cognizant of that and try to position yourself so you can hit someone else without being closed on.

Do you have Graves or Corki? I believe their auto attack ranges are a smidge shorter than Varus but both have stronger laning and great escape mechanics, which seem to be the two things you're having difficulty with right now. Might be worth trying them out a bit before returning to Varus who is trickier to play. Corki is fee this week I believe.

I get that adc are squishy but I feel like Ashe can at least slow with all of her shots, ezreal can free flash, and stuff like that. Varus is slow to begin with it seems and hit slow needs to be aimed and I'm stuck standing still to do it. I feel like I'm dead whether I use it or just run.

That's just how Varus is. He's one of the tougher AD carries to play. Seriously, try graves a bit I think you'll find yourself having a bit more fun for now and getting better results.

User Info: Biglabron

5 years ago#13
Don't underestimate Varus's team fight status though.

Varus is revered as the strongest team fight ad carry with his ult and sniping.

A Varus Q'ing in a lvl 1 team fight means his team should win. I've made it out of the lvl 1 team fights 3/0 on multiple occasions due to his Q range.
I don't always lose, but when I do it's purple sideu!!!

User Info: Equalism

5 years ago#14

BF sword
Vamp Specter

dolans blade whenever needed

Skill order doesn't matter much but i go Q>W>E

just gets stacked of W built and explode with Q/W wait for good chance to use R and act on it

User Info: Equalism

5 years ago#15
focus on last hitting only, but look for chances to land a q on they enemy
you should always go bottom with a support, varus shouldn't go mid

User Info: bwlfro5

5 years ago#16
He really is pretty good. Max E first. harass by putting in a few autos (up to three, how ever many are safe to get) and then E them to pop the blight stacks. E is great because you can proc blights quickly, and the slow scales which makes up for your lack of mobility.

His ult is great for initiating for your jungler. Tell them to come around, then root your enemies for an easy gank. Save Q for the end to finish stragglers (it won't do much without blight stacks though).
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User Info: TemporalKnight

5 years ago#17

Berserker Greaves
Guinsoos Rageblade
Vamp Scepter
Phantom Dancer
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User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#18
I always lose to Varus in lane :c
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User Info: hellraiser121

5 years ago#19
Okay you can use this tip for any champion in any lane: Capitalize on every mistake they make. If they overextend to get that lone mage minion in the back, do a couple of auto attacks. You want them to dwindle down their health pots until they have none left and then when you do trade you can hurt them bad.

Also, learn the math behind your abilities. If you see they are around half health, flash, E, and R to take them down. If you are able to kill the opposing ADC in lane it is almost always worth it even if you die. As Varus you should poke the living hell out of them with your range and keep the pressure up with E.

Don't be shy in using your ultimate in lane. It is only a 2 min cool down and if you can secure a kill then it is worth it every time. The problem I had with Varus was that I was way too stingy with his ult and when I started using it more in lane I dominated most of the time.

Do not spam his abilities too, but that should be a given. He is a little mana hungry, but always build the standard ADC items.

Hope this helps!
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

5 years ago#20
1. Wait for Season 3
2. Buy Runaan's Hurricane
3. Immediately become OP
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