Item Preview - The Storm

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User Info: yamas11

5 years ago#21
SlimJimPPJ posted...

the return

Triple AOE slow and triple stuns a go.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

5 years ago#22
yamas11 posted...
SlimJimPPJ posted...

the return

Triple AOE slow and triple stuns a go.
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User Info: FFchampion

5 years ago#23
Omg vayne.........even more so
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User Info: Deanyzy

5 years ago#24
If the Hurricane proves to be as useful as it sounds then I can definitely see champions like Varus seeing more use.

User Info: viperesque

5 years ago#25
I have a pathetic desire to build on-hit Graves now. Quickest way to reach the AS cap...
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User Info: SeaLegend

5 years ago#26
FFchampion posted...
Omg vayne.........even more so

The item doesn't work with Vayne, it will mess up your Silver Bolts procs since they have to be on a single target.

User Info: BuIzeeb

5 years ago#27
If Corki's passive and Sheen are proc'ed onto the secondary target this could make him even more of an AOE monster, and some players are already shying somewhat away from building heavy crit on him with the recent change to his passive, so he could pick this up instead of IE.

Caitlyn gaining a headshot stack for each hit means that if she's in a brush and hitting 3 targets she gets a headshot every AA, effectively granting her 50% bonus damage against a single target, up from 17%. That would compensate for losing out on a different item for single target damage, I'm guessing Phantom Dancer since it's going to be nerfed anyway making it less essential.

Sivir's ricochet will probably not apply to this, though it would be really hilarious to see 15 bounces flying everywhere. Still it might be decent on her since she's kind of an AOE champ anyway.

Anyway, we're going to have to see the range and radius of the item, much like how current Tiamat's horrible range kills its viability. Looking at the picture, it seems to have at minimum a wider range than current Tiamat, but how much more so is impossible to determine.
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User Info: GogglesFrog

5 years ago#28
This will make caitlyn better, and this lessen the trolls yells when I pick her.
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User Info: angermngment101

5 years ago#29
Season 3 is going to be ridiculously crazy... HOLY ****!@

User Info: angermngment101

5 years ago#30
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