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User Info: chaoshadou

5 years ago#1

New support for ya'll.
Awesome series, please support the VN ps3 localization

User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#2
Nakama time!
Remember that failure only occurs the moment you've decided you will no longer strive for success.
- Lysamus

User Info: GlobalCooling

5 years ago#3
No that's Cassiopeia.

User Info: shadyelf

5 years ago#4
Zed came out yesterday...

But hooray for the end of the jungle/mid assassin spree

User Info: Black_Assassin

5 years ago#5
Morello posted...
She’s a regal mermaid

Day 1 buy.

User Info: _Yag_

5 years ago#6
merman dad....MERMAN!
Archer: "ring ring.....hi planes? yeah, this is blimps.. you win"
Yagyujubei: 75 NIN/MNK/SAM/PLD/BLU Midgardsormr R.I.P

User Info: WaterKnight

5 years ago#7
I wish she was AP :(

User Info: Fire_Away

5 years ago#8
Now playing: League Of Legends (FireAwayX), Planescape: Torment, Dungeon Defenders (PC), Guild Wars 2 (Floralei/Crownbird)

User Info: DeleveleD

5 years ago#9
I'm both excited for her AND what Morello said about more supports next year.
The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

User Info: xDarknezzx

5 years ago#10
Dragonfable101 posted...
Nakama time!

aww yee
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