Nami is an amazing support for Melee Carries

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User Info: xHaterade

5 years ago#21
we doing dat fiora nami bot lane :3

maybe fiora can be viable
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User Info: Baggi__Bumper

5 years ago#22
GoldenFantasy posted...
IMO if you can consistently win with a build, it's viable. That is to say, consistent k/d ratio.

Your definition if viable is stupid.
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User Info: Noblesse_

5 years ago#23
People seem to forgetting one thing to calculate in their theorycrafting. Ranged and non ranged. Exactly how well with these new items can melee champs put their items/damage to use before getting annihilated by a team.

However...Sion, might be scary as hell now with the item that removes CC.

If anything. Kill lanes such as Panth, Sion, J4 with an ranged ADC will become more of a thing. Which later turns into the Melee champ roaming.
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User Info: Black_Assassin

5 years ago#24
crondizzle posted...
Everything is not viable until a "pro" team uses it

M5 has used Tryndamere mid.
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  3. Nami is an amazing support for Melee Carries

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