New Solo Queue Tier List

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User Info: crondizzle

4 years ago#21
Why is LeBlanc bottom tier? every time I see one she stomps everyone and goes like 10-0.

User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#22
because even if you go 10-0, you cant do anything after that, then lose towers and lose game.

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#23
I'm sad to see Ziggs that low. I really wanted to buy him.

User Info: Heleophrynidae

4 years ago#24
MF has the highest win rate of any ADC right now.


User Info: angelwkw3

4 years ago#25
Sword_Slasher posted...
How is Elise the 5th best champion in soloqueue. I don't understand, and I don't agree.

She's so overrated by pro NA players atm. They thought Shyvana was good too and still do.

lol MF tier 4. Elementz is an idiot.
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#26
Xerath at tier three.

I love it.
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User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#27
The playerbase nowadays goes by win-rates anyway. We went from Elementz's sheep to LolKing's sheep.
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User Info: Equalism

4 years ago#28
Some of these make no sense to me

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#29
Makes a Season 3 tier list.

Doesn't include Nami.

Silly Elementz :3

User Info: necroix05

4 years ago#30
This still exists?
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