so is this game alot different from dota

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User Info: necroix05

4 years ago#11
From: MizunoRyuu | #002
It's very different. The map has the same general shape, and it's still a 5v5. That's pretty much where the similarities end.

The meta is hugely different, and cc isn't stupidly op in this game. For instance, there's no such thing as a 3 second spammable AoE stun like Sven's. And there's no such thing as a massive AoE field that stuns all enemies inside for stupid periods of time while the carry who made it hacks away at everything inside it.

Roles are much more defined. A carry is a carry, and building them any other way will end in a loss.

The biggest difference I'd say is the addition of AP and AD scaling on abilities. Here, you build damage to deal damage, whereas in DotA you can build fulltank and do the same amount of damage (which is an utterly stupid idea).

You're pretty much wrong.

Sven has a 2 second stun in a small AoE that has travel time and a 15 second cooldown. It also takes a huge chunk of his mana early-mid game. Void has direct counters and item counters that severely limit his usefulness.

Roles are defined in Dota as well, no idea what you're talking about.

In Dota, you build damage to do damage. You're not going to be scared of the AM who has Vanguard and Reaver, you're going to be scared of the AM who built BF and Manta style.

In league, top lanes build tanky because its more effective than building damage. In mid, you take MR runes for blue instead of AP in order to win. You also build abyssal (tanky dps) and roa (also tanky dps). Junglers almost always do tons of damage with just gp10 and tank items. The only heroes in League that build pure damage are AD carries, and funnily enough, Ezreal, the best carry, builds a Phage (also tanky dps). Wow it's almost like Tanky dps is really really prevalent in League.
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User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#12
Heleophrynidae posted...
Dota has a much higher skill ceiling than League of Legends

League of legends is pretty much casual city

User Info: Master Cilander

Master Cilander
4 years ago#13
LoL's meta is pretty static. Deviation from it is basically choosing to lose.

Dota's meta is more fluid and it makes the competitive aspect of the game unpredictable at times which is more interesting imo.

Dota is far more punishing than LoL too. If you die in Dota, you actually lose a certain amount of gold. In LoL, this isn't the case. Dying is never good, but in Dota it actually tips the scales massively. Not only do you snowball if you start getting kills, you can have a deleterious effect on the progress of your enemies.

The games have completely different rhythms. They flow completely differently. They have fundamentally different philosophies as far as game direction is concerned.
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User Info: Paradisio

4 years ago#14
Yea, I've played both a bit at this point. Dota may have a higher skill ceiling but frankly, I don't care. You can call it 'babys first moba' or 'casual city' or whatever, but I find DOTA is trying too hard to be complex for the sake of being complex.

The game feels sluggish in comparison to me due to much slower turnarounds and movement in general, creep denying feels strange and an unnecessary holdover from the WC3 engine. Yea, it makes the game more complex, but it doesn't seem to make it any more fun.

I won't disagree the skill ceiling is higher or that it can be more competitive. But really, 99% of the people never even reach LoLs skill ceiling, whereas in DOTA you have to deal with the 90% of the population who think that are in the world finals, if you think the LoL community is caustic, stay away from DOTA, it's always fun to see a community so bent on having its community die.

Try both.
Play which one is more fun.

You likely won't be playing in the internationals of either.
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#15
Carries are not OP in this game
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#16
Ultima_Weapon33 posted...
Yeah not only do you build a lot more damage in DotA compared to this game's stupid tanky dps, but Sven's stun is 2 seconds and it's highly telegraphed and you have to be standing around the initial stun target, and you can dodge it in a lot of ways (blink, phase, manta, illusion ability, magic immunity, stasis)

There's a reason there's melee carries

You have no idea what you are talking about

There are melee carries here, tryndamere, fiora, gankplank, Yi
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User Info: Baggi__Bumper

4 years ago#17
Paradisio posted...
Try both.
Play which one is more fun.

You likely won't be playing in the internationals of either.

Basically this. It's completely down to preference (and probably whichever you played first)

@yourdaddie: None of the melee carries are good when built glass cannon.
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