Just another entertaining tribunal case

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User Info: tiradical

5 years ago#1

It didn't hit me until I reached the end of the chat in the second game.
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User Info: Price_Of_Fame

5 years ago#2
holy crap, I burst out laughing.
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User Info: Theivey3

5 years ago#3
"please don't queue for intermediate again"


User Info: shackobrah

5 years ago#4
holy crap...

did we all suck this bad when we first started?
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User Info: Herostratus_

5 years ago#5
That was entertaining.
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User Info: Equalism

5 years ago#6
lol wow

User Info: tiradical

5 years ago#7
I also found it funny that you can tell he was reported for back to back games because he refers to how bad the first game went in the second game's chat.

shackobrah posted...
holy crap...

did we all suck this bad when we first started?

Well there's a pretty big difference between beginner and intermediate AI skill, so I wouldn't be so surprised to see that they lost. But I felt enough sympathy for the reported player after discovering he was playing AI matches that I chose to pardon him. And he did offer help the the jungling amumu in the first match so...
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User Info: Stalky24

5 years ago#8
I wouldnt punish this guy though. Surprised at the decision.

User Info: DDT880

5 years ago#9
this was a punishment? what a joke.

User Info: Trevorkkho

5 years ago#10
another tribunal fails...

I see nothing wrong with this guy, he was pretty much telling the same answers most of us would give here in gfaqs.

He gave leash to junglers, telling them what items they should with(without runes even~) Apparently a slightly advanced player giving direct solutions was being reported for teaching.

Well, this is the internet, most likely I have had reported for the same reason from time to time.
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