So whats the deal with tanks now?

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  3. So whats the deal with tanks now?

User Info: sequeezey

5 years ago#11
Eh. Tanks just need to build things that give damage + flat HP seeing as resistances are pretty bad now.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

5 years ago#12
As it stands, tanks are basically Freelo. Health and resistances are too cheap for how strong they are, so they're being rebalanced. I'm also glad that Rabadon's got that much-needed nerf. Now it provides less AP and lower percentage increase, but you can get it much earlier so it doesn't set you back on other items.

Also, new DFG :D
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User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#13
Just played against Hecarim + Mundo. Goddamn unkillable but could still chuck out dps, resists need a nerfing.
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  3. So whats the deal with tanks now?

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