Best viable troll build?

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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#21
Gigas85 posted...
I saw an AD Sona that had more kills than anyone on her team or ours..... she was a FREAK.

Was the AD Sona fighting a Darius top lane by any chance?
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User Info: Gigas85

4 years ago#22
No she was bot lane, and we all thought she was support at first and just being a bad support and getting all the adc's kills..... little did we know.....little did we know.....
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User Info: Argonia

4 years ago#23
Jungle Annie works surprisingly well; her ganks are horrifying. The only problem is the blue at the beginning. If you're playing with a friend who will hard leash for you or can get somebody else to hard leash for you then I definitely recommend it.
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#24
Atmog twisted fate works great for me
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