i hate garbage laners who get fed

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User Info: VikillaV

4 years ago#1
because of their jungler
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User Info: __Probably__

4 years ago#2
VikillaV posted...
because of their jungler

As a jungler, all I can say is you're welcome ;)
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User Info: nastylep

4 years ago#3
Another rage topic

cue the violins

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#4
I remember one of my last rank games, I was jungle rammus and had this noob wukong solo top vs olaf(? i think).

He was the only silver border person on my team. He goes in game saying his lane would be hard, and he couldn't CS worth crap. So I basiclly told my team I was gonna have to baby sit top, I did, and won him his lane by camping it.

At the end of the game, I told him, "I charged $15 an hour for babysitting, PAY UP!"
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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#5
I fed an allied MF bot as J4 once.

Made her 4/0 at first 15 minutes with a first blood + double kill.

Enemy Corki was 0/2.

MF ended 4/7 and Corki 6/2 ><

I hate when I feed the wrong players...
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User Info: Blizzard09

4 years ago#6
sounds like jungle did his job.
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User Info: Phantasmplus

4 years ago#7
I hate people who cry "LOL IT TAKES 3 PEOPLE TO KILL ME" when they die.

This is a TEAM GAME FFS. I even had this one Shaco on the enemy team who happened to get really fed, 16/2 or so by 25 minutes I think? We started focusing him and every time we killed him he'd either spout "LAG OMG LUCKY" or "my team fed u omg" while no one on our team was REMOTELY fed. The most fed would be me at like 9/5 at the time and I wasn't even fighting him at that point.
I'll just have to get a full apology from you later.
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  3. i hate garbage laners who get fed

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