Who will you be using in Season 3?

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User Info: GG08

5 years ago#41
IMma try and make AD sion viable lol.
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User Info: ssj98_gotenks

5 years ago#42
Going to see if I can play only Elise.
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User Info: Pointman

5 years ago#43
I might bust out support Viktor.

User Info: SKEXE

5 years ago#44
Top: Irelia will always be one of my go-to's for this lane, and I don't imagine that changing. I'd like to bust out Fiora again, just because I miss playing as her. Similarly I might give Elise Top a try, since some people I know keep hyping it up.

Mid: I love me some Zyra and Kat, and that won't change ever. I would like to practice Ori more though, and might bust out Ahri again. Akali might be a new addition to my line-up.

ADC: Draaaaaaaaaaaaven. And now that I have Vayne, I'll probably be playing her more, too.

Support: I miss using Lux to support, so I'll be bringing her back out. Leona other times, or... sigh, Soraka, if I have to.

Jungle: I've always loved Diana in the jungle, so I'll probably just stick with her. Might give KZ another shot here, not sure.
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User Info: mrich528

5 years ago#45
gangplank and pantheon, ONLY.

maybe some riven
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User Info: KyleizALIVE

5 years ago#46
Top: Nidalee
Mid: Nidalee/Lux
Bot: Nidalee/Lux
LoL: UpToSixteen
"I feel like hybrid Ez would enjoy double penetration" - DiplomacySC

User Info: Alastreon

5 years ago#47
Top: Cho'gan
Mid: Cho'gan
Jungle: Cho'gan
ADC: Cho'gan
Support: Cho'gan
And 4/5 of those are viable as well
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