who counters jax?

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User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#21
another bigger and better jax.
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User Info: XxAzerothxX

4 years ago#22
mantana888 posted...
XxAzerothxX posted...
mantana888 posted...
Someone who is strong early. Jax is very weak pre-6, so champs like Garen and Renekton should be good against him unless they're stupid and walk into counterstrikes.

Udyr can win the lane very easily if he gets an early kill(levels 1-3), which isn't very hard if you're going offensive runes and masteries. Udyr can fight him reasonably well mid-game.

Mid-game? Are you crazy? Jax'll rape him sideways: Udyr relies heavily on either Phoenix [Which'll be 99% negated by Jax's ult] or Tiger Stance [Which won't do any damage if Jax is in counter-strike] which means that for at least two seconds, Udyr isn't doing any damage AND Jax is going to hit Udyr /very/ hard as Udyr's attack speed is monumentally increased while in Tiger Stance [. This spell deals 20% additional damage for each attack dodged to a maximum of 100% increased damage.]

The Grandmaster at Arms doesn't fear anybody.

That's why you don't autoattack Jax while he's in counterstrike....

And even if you do hit him once while he's using his E, Q's magic damage isn't dodged. Even if Jax does get his stun off, he's not going to be able to duel Udyr until at least level 4.

All Udyr has to do is wait until Jax tries to come in for CS and punish him hard. If he leap strikes in, then he's just blown his escaping and chasing tool. If he tries to walk up to get CS, just tiger his face and force him back.

Come mid-game, the Udyr should be at least two levels above the Jax unless the enemy jungler/mid camped his lane. Q is hitting like a truck, W sustain and shield is good, and he still has a stun.

The only problem with the lane is tahat Udyr is easily ganked.

"Come mid-game, the Udyr should be at least two levels above the Jax unless the enemy jungler/mid camped his lane."

I didn't realize we were using silly hypotheticals. Okay, I'll adjust:

Because Jax is the Grandmaster at Arms, he rips off Udyr's claws and adds them to his lamp-post thus effectively tripling his damage, making it true damage and also increasing his attack speed by 9999%. Because of his, Jax proceeds to solo Baron /and/ Lee Sin and makes the enemy surrender at 2 minutes. Nice try, /Udyr/.
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User Info: Tro77Tro

4 years ago#23
From: XxAzerothxX | #014
Blbmbr666 posted...
Why does nobody remember Swain? He eats Jax alive.

This is the only thing I can think of that might be able to beat Jax pre-6.

Pre-6? Cuz Renekton roflstomps Jax so hard pre-6 that it is ridiculously difficult for Jax to come back until mid-game.
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User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#24
Wukong he just monkeys him in the FACE then when jax starts spinning, clone up, get out, then you start spinning ignite win
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User Info: pastaman2232

4 years ago#25
Malphite and Garen work pretty well for me.
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User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#26
Jax's dodge dodges Fiora's ult, so that hurts her a LOT. But usually a Fiora will initiate with lunge, baiting the dodge during which she ripostes, lunges out of the fight, then jumps back in with her ult and E... but it really just depends on skill to be honest

User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#27
happyscrub1 posted...
Rookie_Jet posted...
Disagree with Garen, Udyr, and Renekton. Garen will soak the damage well and heal it off, but I don't see him overall winning that lane at all...Udyr needs to be close to Jax which is never a good thing. Counter stun for stun and Jax will win that trade. Same with Renekton.

Fiora vs Jax has been argued on here a lot. It's usually agree Jax has a slight advantage, but with good outside influence, it could go either way.

Trundle makes a lot of sense though. I just never see him. The few times I have seen him, it's in the jungle rather than top. I'm about to buy him though so we'll see.

Garen...runs at him and hits Q. Jax can't dodge his Q. And even if jax stuns garen, it doesn't stops his spinning in his face for more damage. Jax has no answer for early game. Jax only has a chance vs garen when he gets sustain items... which takes a long time. PLenty of time for garen to abuse his power.

Udry has turtle stance and can stun jax when jax stuns him (udry stun can't be dodged). Udry has sustain with turtle stance. Jax only can take on udry with items. Udry can then turtle stance to farm and kite jax when he tries to fight after jax gets items.

Renekton wins trades with jax because renekton WILL get off his full combo everytime. Jax has to get lucky to get off a full combo. Plus renekton has sustain and no mana. Jax won't be able to keep up.

People need to learn that jax is only jax with items. Before items, he's a frail little kid. I think the problem is people play top lane too passively.

Everything you said is so oversimplified and situational. Jax is not going to eat Garen's Q to the face without trading back MORE damage. And if Garen initiated the engagement, Jax will still have his Q up. As soon as silence ends, leap away and come back and abuse Garen while he's all tapped out for another 6 or 7 seconds.

I don't have enough experience with Udyr or Renekton so I won't continue those points other than based on your Garen argument, it's probably oversimplified and not THAT likely to happen as you've laid it out.

OwlRammer posted...
Wukong he just monkeys him in the FACE then when jax starts spinning, clone up, get out, then you start spinning ignite win

Wu eats mana much faster than Jax which puts him at quite a disadvantage.

User Info: zefig

4 years ago#28
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User Info: Devil D 911

Devil D 911
4 years ago#29
I just skimmed through, but i dont think i saw this answer yet..

I would pick Akali. I have never lost my lane to a jax as Akali. You play very conservatively in the beginning levels, and when he tries to trade with you throw down your bubble and hit him with a quick Q, AA, E (maybe one more AA if you can manage) and then back out. Sometimes youll have to throw down the bubble without even returning fire. that's ok, just try to make your pots last. If you want, you can even start cloth 5.

then, once you hit level 6, let your ulti stack 2 stacks. And hit him with a Q, AA, E combo if he's at full HP then walk away.

When everything is off cooldown and you're healthy/have popped your pot, go all in on him with Q,R,AA, E, IGNITE, Q,R,AA- DEAD.... bubble somewhere in there if you have to, but beware that it may deny you the kill if you run low on energy,

It may take a couple games for you to get the hang of it, but i made it happen from my very first akali game. Someone told me to pick Akali into jax and i listened and i saw and i conquered, even though it was my first time playing Akali- seriously anyway.

I try not to first pick Akali so that i dont get raped by a counterpick Cho (happened once, boy did i learn my lesson). But for Jax, she's my go to. This may not work for everyone, but it works for me, so take it for what it's worth to you. Happy ganking :)
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User Info: kourkour

4 years ago#30
As a Jax player, although they don't "destroy" him, riven does well against him initially, but it's possible for jax to outscale her, renekton does well also (the ad casters essentially), GP is strong as well.
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