New Sales 11/20

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User Info: flyguy101

4 years ago#41
supergiest1234 posted...
Gd I just bought Diana and I have no refunds.

If it's within 2 weeks you can message their support and get a refund for the sale.

User Info: Flame_Hazard

4 years ago#42
Hmm. No items matched your search criteria.

I assume this won't last terribly long >_>.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#43
EltoniaX posted...
man put diana on sale right when shes getting popular again. scumbag riot.

Hey I heard Nashor's Tooth is a good item on her, is this true or not?

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#44
Runes Wars Renekton... Hm... Looking at it again, I may change my mind about waiting for Outback. Not sure though.
"Combine Cloak and Dagger with Boots of Swiftness so CC doesn't stop you from moving faster toward defeat." - Frost_shock_FTW

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