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Syndra can now throw allied champions

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User Info: qwertyasdf0123

4 years ago#11
Exalx posted...
People would troll SO MUCH with that.
"Oh, you said I was feeding? K. I'll remember that Amumu."

Team fight comes and goes really bad because they were fed for some reason. You're running away from their entire team with an Amumu and Ezreal.
Ezreal blinks away. They have a Volibear that's Q'd and catching up to you.
Syndra throws Amumu back to the Voli as a last resort distraction.

An ally has been slain.

Did you not read my post at all? The guy getting thrown can cancel it at any time...

User Info: AznJudge

4 years ago#12
He won't cancel in time if the Syndra is any good with reaction.
Xbox Live GT:Pz PaulyD; League of Legends : EvilElrond; SMITE: Elrond; Guild Wars 2 : Elrondel
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  3. Syndra can now throw allied champions

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