At 6300 IP, should I buy Rengar or Skarner for jungling?

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  3. At 6300 IP, should I buy Rengar or Skarner for jungling?

User Info: Dualitypain

5 years ago#11
Between those 2? Skarner. Rengar is better at top. He jungles slowly and his ganks are subpar even if you land the the slow as a snare (thus gimping your damage).
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User Info: MunkehluvsJelly

5 years ago#12
Wait til season 3, the jungles getting harder to clear with no real extra gold so far, so Rengar isnt going to see a large increase to his performance from the jungle which last I checked, wasnt great,

Skarner Should largely be uneffected but i'd still wait and see, I own both and prefer Skarner Jungle if it counts for anythnig
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
5 years ago#13
According to tests, Skarner's fine in S3 Jungle.

And yes, currently in S3 Jungle, Nunu is pretty much free win as he can counter-jungle all day and actually stand a pretty decent chance of killing the enemy jungler since they'll be low on HP during the first part of the game.
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User Info: Blizzard09

5 years ago#14
Rengar if you don't mind a slow start. You need a early gank or you will need to stay jungle longer.

I start cloth and 5 pots. Start red with leash (with Q) open with Q then use Q when possible you should end with 4 fury when red it dead (lvl E for slow next.) If your purple gank top, if blue gank bot. (open with Q,Q,E)(if he is far away then E,Q,Q) who ever you jumped on should be dead (if they flash you should flash and follow up with what ever is next in combo). Then golems, Wraiths, Wolves, Blue (if can give blue to mid).

If you happen to miss gank which you shouldn't as you will be lvl 2 while lane is 1, but in the case you do then stay in jungle a bit longer before you gank. At 6 its easy ganks and easy counter jungle.

As for skill order I tend to leave Q last and go for E first for the slow, then W for AOE, then Q. If you are ahead then you can go Q,E,W (I very rarely do), if you behind in jungle then go W,E,Q (W first for faster clear in jungle)

cloth and 5 pots
boots (upgrade boots after wriggle)(I tend to go with mobilty boots so I can be more places faster)
BF sword (upgrade to BT after phage)
phage (upgrade to mallet after BT)
Hexdrinker (upgrade to Maw after GA)
Defence or Offence item as needed (Wits End is good for both)

21/9/0 masteries..... Armor yellow runes, AD reds, MR blues, Movement speed Quints or AD Quints.

Thats my set up and I do good with it. You can try it but its not a style most would prefer to do.
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User Info: kourkour

5 years ago#15
Skarner obviously lulz
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