Thornmail counters itself

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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
5 years ago#11
Will not be as relatively bad in S3 since it's going down to 1500. Lifesteal values dropped (BT = 18%, Wriggles=10%), and lifesteal items cost a lot more (vamp scept at 800, BT at 3300).

User Info: tacklebeast

5 years ago#12
LaqOfInterest posted...
It's for exactly this reason that I always build health and CDR as Rammus. No armour.

So much trolling.

"Magic Damage Returned: 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 (+10% of total armor)"
Master Troll, ignore him:

User Info: Covenant

5 years ago#13
Thornmail returns 30% of the damage they deal before mitigation, so the armor on Thornmail does not decrease the damage dealt by Thornmail.
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