What would make you leave league and never look back?

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  3. What would make you leave league and never look back?

User Info: Shiranui777

4 years ago#31
Lowering ip gains to like 10 a match win/lose
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User Info: gfshynobl

4 years ago#32
mmorpgs get boring with the same ol lvl up, use 1 skill crap

so probably dota 2,
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User Info: stascakbw07

4 years ago#33
From: kingsworth | #007
A pokemon MMO.

A 3D Pokemon MMO with only original 151.

Skill shots, Mini-games, live battles, Pokemon Master ladders... Why doesn't this exist?
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#34
Making carries as powerful as in Dota
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User Info: interNOT

4 years ago#35
a dota 2 invite

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#36
...A girlfriend, probably.
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User Info: chimpe2121

4 years ago#37
Having played it in the first place.
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User Info: Paranoia2mb

4 years ago#38
MizunoRyuu posted...
...A girlfriend, probably.

Leave League altogether? Might wanna rethink that haha

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#39
Monthly Fee or Pay to Win.
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User Info: Airsoftcomeback

4 years ago#40
Pay to Win, Monthly Fee, taking away IP, or removing Jax
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