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User Info: Covenant

5 years ago#11
You don't carry out of low Elo. You lead out of low Elo. You should also carry, but carrying alone isn't enough. You have to make the bad players on your team stop being bad players.

Septimo_Omega posted...
No, it's not possible. It's Elo "Hell" for a reason. Oddly enough you will still end up there if you make a new account.

No such thing as Elo Hell and if you make a new account and still lose your way back down to sub-1000 Elo, you're just a bad player.

User Info: MMG_

5 years ago#12
Make another account, grind to lv30 again, then play placement matches again and then tell us how it went so we can have a laugh.
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User Info: Lawlerlawl

5 years ago#13
I think I was 650 elo once or something bombastic like that back in January or so. Now I'm 1400. You'll get out if you improve.
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User Info: SoraOwnsAll

5 years ago#14
700 elo is elo heaven, not elo hell.
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User Info: Lawlerlawl

5 years ago#15
SoraOwnsAll posted...
700 elo is elo heaven, not elo hell.

For you, not for him. Derp comment, or just trolling.
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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

5 years ago#16
700 elo is where you can carry games by playing AD Rammus because people are just that bad.

Roll into target, taunt, auto them while they auto you and lose hp. Ult if in big teamfights.
Win games.
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User Info: Skyz

5 years ago#17
Xin Zhao man modes through that Elo so easily. Go top. Destroy everything and everyone.
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User Info: Zeeak4444

5 years ago#18
If your good mechanics alone will raise you up to 1250. I have done it on 3 accounts in season 2, just know what to do, hit 150 cs by 20 apply pressure In right lanes splitpush if you KNOW you won't make
It to a 5v4 fight.

Position yourself right and carry your team.

If you get ahead make sure you make the right calls for your team, spam pings on dragon or buffs push wave bot then switch to mid while the other team runs bot..

Just be in control.
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User Info: batman3k5

5 years ago#19

I aint even bad thoe my teams are just horrible
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User Info: pizzadog

5 years ago#20
i went from 800s to gold, keep your chin up!
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