Next champion leaked?

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User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#21
OwlRammer posted...
Justed asked Phreak, he said her mechanics will add a layer of depth to the game and will have decent ganks in the jungle.

Than she would do tons of damage.
Lets move mountains or mount movements.

User Info: SongstressCela

4 years ago#22
From: OmegaFlare18 | #020
doesn't even seem well executed either

why wouldn't Divine Guard be capitalized? shouldn't it be "coming to the Fields of Justice?"

It is disappointing though cause she actually looks kinda I wanna see what this Anima thing is

It's a tabletop RPG like D&D and the like, only more over the top and extremely badass in terms of combat styles/weaponry/magic/etc.

User Info: Her_Paladin

4 years ago#23
I wanted to believe
This is my battle
This is my fight
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