What's up with Teemo?

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User Info: Adraen

4 years ago#1
Why is he ranked queue dodge worthy?
I personally see nothing wrong with him. Ungankable with decent damage depending on what you build on him.

User Info: MagiaIce

4 years ago#2
Because Many, many, many Teemos die every second. Please help the cause.
"They can't backdoor when they're coming through the frontdoor..."~Me
Riven is my waifu.

User Info: wilmer007

4 years ago#3
^ Pretty much

I even had one guy say " OMG first pick Teemo, dodge", "guys would u rather have Teemo or my Jayce". Then when i said "i have 500cs in a game whats your highest", he shut up and didn't say his highest cs. I went 5/1/2 with 135 cs and 38 seconds of time spent dead.

Key to trollmo is poke with blind and when there is an opening you AA during the blind and retreat, rinse and repeat. But considering ppl are brain dead they can't use Trollmo correctly.
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