Will Riot ever make a homosexual character?

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  3. Will Riot ever make a homosexual character?

User Info: Slayer1217

4 years ago#1
There are plenty of hetero couples in LoL, why not a gay couple?

If you came in here to say Taric or Ezreal, you aren't clever.

User Info: Eclipse008

4 years ago#2
Not clever, but fabulous.

User Info: th3nobodi3s

4 years ago#3
senj is a butch

User Info: Edge4o7_

4 years ago#4
Taric is obviously pretty ****in gay, though.
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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#5
Edge4o7_ posted...
Taric is obviously pretty ****in gay, though.
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User Info: SongstressCela

4 years ago#6
They already did.

Iron Stylus all but confirmed Leona and Diana have a thing.

User Info: pinkpantherfan5

4 years ago#7
Gay people are still hated by many and Riot Likes money. So not for a long while
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User Info: Diorte

4 years ago#8
Slayer1217 posted...
If you think Taric and Ezreal aren't gay, you aren't clever.

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User Info: Grad212

4 years ago#9
How would you know if the character was homosexual? Do you want their taunt to be "I'm gay, look at me!" Not all homosexual people feel a need to make known their sexuality.

User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

4 years ago#10
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  3. Will Riot ever make a homosexual character?

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