I think I'm forgeting how to lane...

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User Info: Metal_Gear_Link

4 years ago#1
I have played mostly jungler since 8 months abo when we formed a team of friends and play ocacionally during the weekend, I rearely play solo Q because of frustration, it is a lot more frustrating to loose a match here since it takes 40 minutes tahn loosing a match in Halo4, uncharted 3 or asssasines creed 3,

however due to this I think I have forgotten how to lane whit any other kind of champion than a bruiser both AD bruisers and AP bruisers are cool, I can do bruiser top mid or even bot succesfully, but I now suck whit assasines, afeminate supports or ADC's, well yeahn bruisers are the most fun kind of champion
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#2
Play Garen. Just Spin and Harass.

Or Play Morde. Farming never stops when you're morde.
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User Info: GlobalCooling

4 years ago#3
Go play support then.

User Info: Hell0nEarth

4 years ago#4
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User Info: darth254

4 years ago#5
practice makes perfect. You get rusty? No better way to recoup than to hit the grindstone again and recover that feel for laning.

User Info: wilmer007

4 years ago#6
I know the feeling after loving Bruisers like Diana on mid or Riven up top. Once u go Brusier you never go back to getting one shotted. You'll quickly remember this when your playing an AP Carry who is squishy as heck and gets one shotted to death. Then your like **** that i'm going back to Brusiers or Tanks.
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User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#7
Literally a MGL topic.
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User Info: genericname1234

4 years ago#8
FlareZero posted...
Literally a MGL topic.
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  3. I think I'm forgeting how to lane...

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