which support is actually strong against leona in lane?

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  3. which support is actually strong against leona in lane?

User Info: gam3szzz_2

5 years ago#21
Taric is a counter and Nunu too with certain ADCs. All other supports can play safe and not die, but if they screw up once, Leona will kill them.
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User Info: dennis941012

5 years ago#22
angelwkw3 posted...
ssj98_gotenks posted...
From: xDarknezzx | #007
dennis941012 posted...
janna = instant disengage
zilean = ahahahahaha you have no sustain

i guess zilean could work but janna can only disengage once every 2 minutes or something whereas leona can jump on u every 10 seconds or so

...tornado is a disengage man

Janna can't mess up once or her AD will pay dearly for it.

And Zilean is stupid, Leona W's and takes minimal damage from a bomb that costs Zilean 100+ mana after level 3. Then you just walk into creeps so that the lane pushes and makes your jungler ganks easy.

who said anything about the leona :O carry will not have sustain and zilean will walk all over them :< as long as zilean is skilled enough to dodge skill shots he will win the lane :O and even if lane is pushed with proper warding zilean will get the carry and himself out of gank with safety (well unless it is something like flash + twisted advance) in which case he can just harass the leona with 600 autoattack range
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User Info: Arken101

5 years ago#23
I'll give you a hint.
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User Info: _HeX

5 years ago#24
Zyra craps on Leona
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User Info: SirDanieI

5 years ago#25
Alistar is a clear counter. I can see a support Morg doing really well against leona as well.
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User Info: Suffer_Not

5 years ago#26
People who have great disengage work well against her. Janna is great for that reason: Leona will never hit her because she has 400 movement speed with boots 1, and if she hits the carry she'll be knocked up and slowed before she can do her combo.

Nunu is also pretty good because he'll also never be hit by a combo an his snowballs are graet for saving his carry from Leona's if she lands a hit.

Champions with poke are strong against her if they can either avoid being hit by her combo or if they can disengage if they do get hit. Lulu has great poke and a strong disengage; the downside is that she is so slow she kind of needs to start boots.

I would not agree that Taric is good against her. Taric's strength is a combination of his burst and his stat buffs/debuffs, but he won't be bursting Leona down thanks to her W and she out ranges his stun with Zenith Blade.

Nami is an excellent pick against Leona. If Leona jumps in on them, it gives her W 3 targets to work with to maximize it's performance (target your carry, it bounces to Leona and then to you because you'll all be in range of each other) She'll heal some of Leona's damage, punish her for jumping in, and give herself and the carry some movement speed to disengage with. Her Q is also much easier to hit at close range and giving her carry an on hit slow effect to his attacks is strong for kiting an angry sun god.

User Info: gam3szzz_2

5 years ago#27
A good Janna won't screw up, but a regular Janna would screw up.

The two best Nunu lanes versus Leona is Caitlyn and Vayne. High attack range and the other being high mobility to dodge all damage.

Alistar is a counter when he's level 6. Until then, he's subject to all of the burst that Leona does.

Lulu can win if she's good enough.

Soraka and Blitzcrank both get destroyed in lane and have to play super safe.

Sona can play safe, but if she gets out of position once, she dies.

Taric's armor debuff actually allows you to burst Leona if you wish to do so and Leona can't deal with the sustain that Taric can bring. The damage from their burst is very similar, so Imbue is the key factor.

Zyra won't burst through Leona's W and the Leona would find a way to deal with Zyra's snare..

Zilean is garbage. No sustain, no reliable disengage.
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User Info: unsung_visions

5 years ago#28
Poppy and Amumu.
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User Info: Quiet_Noise

5 years ago#29
Laned against a support Morg ADC Sivir with cleanse as Leona and it was the most unfun thing I've ever done in LoL.

Still won and got my adc crazy fat though come mid game.

But laning?

Nothing doing.

User Info: Cirrus101

5 years ago#30
Support morgana. Q to the face.
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