Guy in Ranked queue: "Let's be on Skype"

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User Info: OmfgitsBlah

4 years ago#1
Me: "Seems reasonable"

Go to add his name. Location: Brazil.

...Proceed to add him, play, kick ass and win 50 Elo.
If inflaton turns $3 into $0, then $6 turns into $3. -Orca

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#2
You dog.

User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#3
From: EDumey | #002
You dog.

In my country this is offensive insult.

Riot plz ban.


User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#4
mark for marking hue

User Info: Ephemeral1

4 years ago#5
I heard Skype and Vent are going to implement a feature where you can report people for verbal abuse. Ought to clean up all the toxic chatters.

User Info: RenegadePhantom

4 years ago#6
"Let's be on Skype!"
"T-that's so sudden s-summoner-kun"
"Imminent neck beards..."
"I've Mexicans in the back ground"
"Mid or I feed"
Setting the table with finery. Let us stop picking at our food! Burning like the finest Spice-A-Roni! From out of the darkness comes the mystery Medafighter!
(message deleted)

User Info: Wayavas

4 years ago#8
9/10/ topic
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