Signs that you have a bad team

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User Info: BlueCalamity

5 years ago#31
'I am the boots seller I have 6 boots!!'' *facepalm*
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User Info: darth254

5 years ago#32
when your nexus blows up

User Info: themagicpainman

5 years ago#33
-You go in and when nobody follows you and you die you start raging "omg y nobdoy follw gg afk"

Well that depends. If your whole team is there, you get a great position and initiation with, say, Malph or Amumu and your team just runs away it's pretty annoying.
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User Info: Zoren

5 years ago#34
guy named "Evil Mord" instalocks Yi and says alguiem BR. wanted to dodge but i just wanted to play and unwind... biggest mistake ever.

(guy buys at least 3 phantom dancers on every champion he plays - including TF... wtf)
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User Info: NightStrife

5 years ago#35
Skunkdog1 posted...
Blocktopus posted...
When your TF firmly believes that AP TF is viable.


Cant tell if I'm getting trolled.
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User Info: gaiaslayer

5 years ago#36
everyone has more loses than wins...
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User Info: MasterDarken

5 years ago#37
Can't say any other words in English outside of "Report" and "feed", chats all day long on Team/All chat, whiners cause you don't play META or the same way they do, etc.

Too many things to list here.

User Info: Vascela

5 years ago#38
I don't need smite.

User Info: TugaKnight

5 years ago#39
when it's only 8 minutes, the score is only slightly negative on your side and they say surrender 20min, and afk in bushes...
bonus points when it's not one but two on your team...
That just happened to me a while ago

User Info: xxxJagoxxx

5 years ago#40
"ezreal go solo top"
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