next champion should have a "hulking out" ult

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  3. next champion should have a "hulking out" ult

User Info: OgreBattle019

5 years ago#1
nasus has his ult, renekton has his, but there should be a champion that just flat-out gets a ton of AD and attack speed for an ult while getting big and red and muscular

like goliaths in borderlas
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User Info: Bubba1989

5 years ago#2
It'd be cool to see a ranged character with an ult similar to Shyvana's, except that it turns them melee and gives those bonuses, and turns one of their attacks into a gap closer leap move.

Edit: Yes, I realize Jayce turns ranged to melee and back again, and so does Nidalee, but those are indefinite and any time. I want to see it based on like fury or something, and just be temporary. Give them a huge boost in their ult. Also aesthetically Mundo is already hulk, and even has a green skin to look more like hulk.
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  3. next champion should have a "hulking out" ult

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