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User Info: Melvinrules

5 years ago#11
Know how you feel.

I play jungle Mao a lot and by the 6th minute our AD carry cait had died four times.

I get the usual "omg why don't you gank"

To which my response is always, - How can I gank your lane, when you're always dead?"

User Info: gfshynobl

5 years ago#12
EvilMewtwo posted...
Amumu, Malphite, or Blitzcrank will mess up your day a lot harder than a Kat or Vayne will. They have to get fed to do things; Blitz can be level 1 with no items and still win the game for his team.

true, but a fed kat/vayne will utterly destroy your team,
espically how ppl in low elo think, only the tank/support should be defensive
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