If i dont carry my balls off in a ranked game, i auto lose.

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  3. If i dont carry my balls off in a ranked game, i auto lose.

User Info: Zeeak4444

5 years ago#21
I noticed this too. On my main account I'm currently 3-4 going (for my losses)

1-1-6 graves with 240 cs at 29 mom when we lost.

5-5-13 sivir with similar cs and only died because our team was getting wrecked so bad I had to split push, took out bot and mid inhib told team to push top and win they wanted to bait baron which we obviously lost and lost the game for.

1-2-7 graves. This match was actually fair kill score was 11-13 and we just got beat in a pretty even match, I could have carried way harder.

9-7 corki. Was wrecking house whole game But Darius on their team kept forcing fights by E over walls forcing us into lopsided fights.

Decided It wasn't working to just try to win and decided I was gonna win by ensuring I played to the T everygame... My smurf is now 4-0 and I guess might be my psudo-main :(..
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User Info: LlamaNub

5 years ago#22
Assuming that your original statement is sincere and true, it simply means that you're better than the people at your Elo but not good enough to carry them by yourself.

There are a lot of people like that actually. They consistently win their lane, but is not knowledgeable or savvy enough to push his advantage thoroughly. They consistently out-cs the opposing AD, but their uptime and mechanics in teamfight still needs improvement. You know where to where and how to protect your AD, but you miss on opportunities that can result in a double kill for your him.

This is what leads to the belief that you are stuck in Elo hell. You may have the skills of a Gold-level player, but even him cannot carry a game if there are too many feeders in your team. And frankly, they are not that dominant over Silver-level players. I've seen a fair number of Plats and Golds in my team getting outplayed by enemy Golds and Silvers.

This is actually exactly what happened to me in S2. I've been stuck in the 1200-1300 for the longest time (FYI, I dodged all my placement matches to "experience" the Elo depth). If you look at my non-support stats, ANY character that I have played more than 3 games has a positive KD/R. Even my 16% winrate Lee Sin had a positive KD/R. I have never lost my lane with my main in this Elo, not even once. In fact, my Irelia KD/R is 5/2/9, but with a mere winrate of 40%.

This is my problem. If you pit your average 1300 player against me, chances are I will beat him, especially Top or Jungle. Even though I can easily obtain an advantage, I am not competent enough to win the game single-handed. I still make mistakes, but not the dumb ones that a 1200 makes. Sometimes, I may be lost and out of resources, but even a 1400 would feel the same way in that situation, because even a 1400 is not skilled enough to carry his team out of this jam.

By now you must be saying that since I do better than my enemies, I should be winning more than losing. This is true. I have a positive winrate, but it can take hundred of games to obtain a significant sample to represent your true Elo. And frankly, a lot of people don't have the time.
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User Info: gaara999999

5 years ago#23
Winning your lane =/= deserving to win the game. There are other parts to the game than just the laning phase.
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User Info: IWBTG

5 years ago#24
I doubt you're as good as you think you are, or that your teams are as bad as you think they are. Looking at your mastery pages, you could make some good improvements right there already, as most of them have a lot of wasted points.

Not all games are winnable, especially come late game, but if you're leaps and bounds above the other 9 players in the game, most matches will be decided before surrender is even an option.

At about as high as the 800 Elo mark (lol) I can consistently carry 4v5s without much trouble. I can't do that at all ranges, because I'm a 1400 Elo baddy naturally, but when you're playing opponents you outclass... you shouldn't be having trouble winning games.
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User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#25
Tekutso hi
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User Info: ERLiNo

5 years ago#26
kagster123 posted...
Judging by what Gaara says, it seems you play adc. DON'T.

Adc is useless in low elo games.

In low elo games, you go mid/assassin/jungler. Proceed to rape the enemy team early on. Low elo scrubs get demoralized so they either surrender or you have enough of an advantage that you end it before they can come back.

You're welcome.

I went from 920 elo to 1250 with ADC am I now cool?
"It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you don't know how to use them, they will never be enough"
-Masters Zerg
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  3. If i dont carry my balls off in a ranked game, i auto lose.

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