holy hell the withdrawals..

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User Info: Dollarman_2005

4 years ago#1
5 day break without my computer and no league. Thanksgiving is an awful week. It rips gamers away from their machines to travel across the state to be annoyed to hell and back by their family without any form of escape. The urge to play ahri is killing me.

But then I realize once I get into a game I'm going to be so mad at the manamune Darius that I'll never want to play again.

User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#2
inb4 TheDog.png
Dota2 is mai waifu
PSN/360: Maximal769

User Info: Alastreon

4 years ago#3

User Info: KirynTheCleric

4 years ago#4
"And at what point did you decide to stay on the forums? I don't get that mentality but some people don't have better things to do." - Nofoundation
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