This game makes no sense

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User Info: LANKAI09

4 years ago#11
You can go 30/0/0 in this game but still lose because the other team can coordinate and push lanes better than your team can

User Info: MlREFOX

4 years ago#12
Lunakoue posted...
From: MlREFOX | #006
To have the gold advantage. Work on last hitting minions and get yourself more gold than the other person. The towers will fall eventually and you will win.

Really, this game is all about efficiently spreading gold and experience about your team.

How do I work on getting more gold and last hitting minions if minions are the only thing that get you more gold?

From: LANKAI09 | #004
Turrets/inhibs over kills

I don't know what that means

I use Malphite a lot if that helps

You also get gold from killing the enemy or taking objectives like Dragon, Baron, and towers. Knowing when to take a tower versus knowing when to leave a tower alone so you can farm more is a skill that will come with time.

In general, though, pushing down towers quickly is not always e best strategy, even though it is a primary objective.

I think there is a guide on that goes over basics like these.

User Info: Supercuaco666

4 years ago#13
Lunakoue posted...
I just started playing and it doesn't seem like there's any real strategy in winning besides making sure that you double team another champion or more

And what happens when both teams are smart enough to stick together and not get "double-teamed"r? I mean 5vs5, post laning-phase.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#14
Good teams won't let a single member get double teamed. They'll have constant vision of where your teammates are and will pop in on them.

You could also be too busy defending a tower against a team. Meanwhile, one of their members is pushing your other lane like crazy. You can't leave your tower because you'll lose that, but you also can't ignore your other lane since it's losing towers.

User Info: Thatonesmartguy

4 years ago#15
Did you do the tutorial?
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#16
The team that flames the most wins. Remember that and you'll be ok.
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