I Would Like Your Help In Becoming a Better Player

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User Info: Zyx-Whitewind

4 years ago#11
Next Jungler. They have no lane and go kill the monsters between the lanes. They get power ups called buffs and surprise attack the other lane to try to get or give kills to his team. Hardest role to play but can win games if played well. 4th most popular due to difficulty and added responsibility to protect and assist every lane at the same time. ex. Lee Sin,Shaco, Skarner, Maokai.

Last is support bot. They help the adc. Do not kill minions or champs but use ablites to heal allies or stun opponents for the adc to kill. Often buys wards to help give vision. Least popular due to not being able to kill or solo champs and being very under appreciated. Ex. Taric, Sona, Soraka, Alistar
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User Info: Nintendological

4 years ago#12
GlobalCooling posted...
Are you running boot camp or something?...

Nope. I am using boompje (iLoL). I don't use Bootcamp. Strictly OS X.

EDumey posted...

Playing against real people will teach you how to be aggressive and actually make plays. This will mean you'll lose trying to figure these things out. Every loss is a lesson learned. As long as you don't rage and blame everyone else for your losses, you'll learn and get better.

My concern is that I'll piss off my teammates. I don't mind losing, but I don't want to drag down others and disappoint them. I'm used to getting in offline practice for cooperative games so that I can pull my weight. I did it for L4D2 and Killing Floor. But fps games are more about reflex and minimal strategy, where as RTS games, even an arcade one like this, are about planning.

But, all of you suggest that I just take the plunge. Reputation be damned, eh?

Zyx-Whitewind posted...
One of the things I wish was explained to me early on was team roles. The champs do have types but they are really vague or just wrong at times and dont explain where you should go. Knowing the roles helps a lot when picking a champ and knowing what role your team needs is important.

So it isn't a matter of picking the class/champion that is most powerful, but picking the role I must fulfill onap a team (or the role I want to serve)? I usually play mages/druids when I play fantasy games. Is that a suitable for a support role in this game, or an offensive role?
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#14
A "Mage" would translate to an AP mid, that is a champion that builds lots of Ability Power and has several spells to cast in succession. These have decent Crowd Control most of the time like Anivia's Stun and Ice Wall or Zyra's Snare.

Druids would seem like the support type (Buffs/Debuffs teammates, heal and protect), and they should accompany an ADC @ Bottom Lane most of the time, and ALWAYS stay with your ADC while ganking other lanes, checking objectives (Neutral monsters like Dragon and Baron) and so on.

So I think for you either mid or support is a good way to start, mid would be harder of course, since you would be engaging against the enemy mid constantly to win lane, as a support you wouldnt have such stress, you can laid back and concentrate on helping your carry and your jungler when he decides to aid your lane.

User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#15
From: Nintendological | Posted: 11/27/2012 12:16:14 AM | #012
Reputation be damned, eh?

You'd have to either be disastrously bad or incredibly talented to have a reputation in-game. The deal is, AI games aren't going to teach you a whole lot about the game in general - the furthest you should go is a game or two to learn the "feel" of a new champion without having to be concerned about role selection in a team (basically saying you'll get to pick who you want to pick). Everything else, I feel, comes from just playing more games with people and being very observant to what happens at all stages of the game. You pick up on patterns, item uses, and most importantly, you see many other champions in action at once, and thus, how different champions work with and against each other. That never happens in AI games.

EDIT: Keep this in mind as well - you're going to (and have in this topic alone) hear about lane assignments with particular roles. There's some sort of science behind the assignments, and for the sake of not having to come up with a game plan from scratch, you should generally follow these assignments. However, when you become more comfortable with the game and start playing with others who have played for a longer time, these assignments become flexible. You can see AD assassin characters go mid with an AP-centered champion going top. You can see AD and AP carries swap lanes. Just keep that in mind.
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User Info: kaysa13

4 years ago#16
Well, they pretty much nailed the things you needed to know. I'll just boil it down into two points: Observation and Experience.

Observation. It involves watching out for changes, tactics, and the constantly evolving meta of this game. Read the guides, character detailing, and even the background lore. That way, you can see which champion suits your tastes. And much like our esteemed g-cube summarized, it's almost a must to watch the pros on their play. Learning from the best is always THE best.

Experience. Most posters are in agreement that you always try it out yourself. That translates to bringing you and this game to a comfortable middle ground. All players went to a level 1 experience. But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this game.

If I may add, always enjoy the game. Remember that this is an online game; meaning this involves other people as well. If you didn't enjoy the game itself, you can bet on it that it also translates that other people didn't enjoy it either. That also means that online gaming manners are still strictly recommended.
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User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#17
practice last hitting. Then practice last hitting while staying safe. Then last hit while being safe and harassing.
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