Do you consider yourself good?

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User Info: Milleykins

4 years ago#31
Good is 1900+. No, I'm not good
"the babies cat crying sounds is turning me on like crazy." - Tommy2GoGo

User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#32
I am exceptional at this game.
I don't always Sublime Archangle and Silverblade Paladin, but when I do, I win on the fourth turn.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#33
No, despite me playing hundreds of games, I am horrible. I think it is true, the older you get, the crappier you are at games, despite playing them your whole life.

User Info: MTRDrunkard

4 years ago#34
I consider myself to know how the game works.

Such as how to lane, when and when not to push, how each champion works and what role to use, map presence etc..

Recently I played a few games with absolute demics: (Major Rant)

Jungle who never ganked mid within 10 mintues.

A team fight where we killed 4, only 1 of ours dying, would and could got the the ace and 3 went for baron, ended up most of team dying, it was really poor.

People playing solo and not listening/helping the team ending up with 3 vs 1 and dying.

People jungling in mid and late when there is a team fight.

General not looking a map and doing the right thing.

Even had a game where Garon (tanking) would not initiate the fight, hold back until 1 or 2 of you team died then decided to go in, ending up getting killed.

User Info: Doc_M

4 years ago#35
Compared to my friends I'd say I'm much better than them. When we play I get stuck as anchor so I never get to play one role consistently. They each have about 5 champions they can competently play vs my 10-15.

Compared to pros? Definitely not as good as them, but then again I don't play anywhere near as often as even the average player does.

Compared to who I get queued with? I'm at least average if not better than most. I usually carry or feed the person who carries via assists. If I don't do one of those I usually lose and because I refuse to call lanes it gives me a middling w:l at best.
"Life is a sexually transmitted disease"

User Info: Elfishguy11

4 years ago#36
Yeah I reckon I go alright.
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User Info: vermillion719

4 years ago#37
No. I'm really quite awful, to be honest.
"Why don't you just take this picture for what it is? Teemo being stuffed and mounted by renek." - Serenderpity
LoL Name: Thanamar

User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#38
Depends if im paired up with an idiot or not >.>
but overall if im with a good player im good
oh noes 0.o

User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#39
Dragonfable101 posted...
I'm the best.
LoL NA IGN: MyakkoFirst|steam: rihawf
League of Legends BR IGN: Rihawf (who'd know?)

User Info: kirbymuncher

4 years ago#40

Sure, I'm not pro or anything, and there are definitely people better (much better) than I am, but that doesn't mean I'm not good
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