Why is there a "random" option?

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User Info: Metroid82

4 years ago#11
There are bot games, in which you can destroy with any champ. I occasionally play one with a random and go "Oh look, it's Udyr. I haven't used him in ages!" It's a nice feature, though obviously shouldn't be used in a ranked game. I may have used it in normals before...

Edit: A friend and I played a normal last night. He randomed and got Soraka, didn't want to support, so went mid. He destroyed their Kass and we won the game. Loads of fun too

User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#12
Remember the guy who got banned for picking random?
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#13
From: FlareZero | #012
Remember the guy who got banned for picking random?

Remember when it was because the guy kept doing trollpicks (not just random) in a long series of ranked games and got reported for it?

User Info: iXCelticXi

4 years ago#14
jepaan posted...
It's ban bait.
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User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#15
First Win of the day available.

No time to play a real match.

Play a quick Coop. vs AI.

Pick a Random champ just for fun.

Yup. o.o
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User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#16
MrGible posted...
Because when you're playing wiht friends and just want to have a fun game?
Tried getting 9 friends together and all playing random?

Lots of fun, especially when your in skype or whatever voice chat and you people cheer or groan.
GT: hawkeye2188

User Info: game_pro232

4 years ago#17

it's a lot of fun. you click lock in, which randomizes your choice, and you play that champ like an AP champ. works best with talon, riven, etc.
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User Info: Pegeta

4 years ago#18
"random" should be changed to "troll"
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