Suppose you're playing support with a really terrible ADC.

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  3. Suppose you're playing support with a really terrible ADC.

User Info: vermillion719

4 years ago#1
What should you do?

Do you do everything in your power to ensure they do well, even as far as sacrificing yourself for them every one of the many times the enemy should rightfully kill them?

Do you say screw it and take whatever kills and CS you can, then build something that might actually contribute to the team?

Do you leave them to fend for themselves and farm jungle/support another lane/be a walking ward?

Do you do something else entirely?

What are your thoughts?
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User Info: NinjaKangaroo

4 years ago#3
Do everything I possibly can to do my job as a support during lane phase.

Turn around with that later and hopefully be able to support some good teamfights with the rest of the team.
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User Info: yourDaddie

4 years ago#4
thats why you should not play support until season 3 whit the new items
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User Info: Price_Of_Fame

4 years ago#5
rage then afk
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User Info: n1nj498

4 years ago#6
I had 1 game where i was Sona and laning with a MF with me ,the ADC was terrible, it bought, boots,tenacy boots(forgot the name) Chalice, Hexdrinker, THEN built BF Sword... didn't buy dorans, was missing way too much CS to the point i was killing then for the gold not go to waste, let the enemy champions flee when it was capable of killing then and went going derp tanking the enemy.

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#7
Build AP Sona and go to town
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User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#8
Ward bot.
Roam mid.
Get APC fed.
Pray ADC doesn't try to 1 v 1 enemy ADC.
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User Info: Smishhh

4 years ago#9
Generally I just try to stay alive and wait it out. I'll do anything I can to save them within reason, if they try tower diving when minions are almost pushed to our turret they can go die alone. But once they show they either refuse to attack and get me killed a bunch of times, or repeatedly suicide, I'm not trying to set up anything for them.

Protect them and turret as best I can until laning is over or we lose the turret, then roam and find someone competent to support.

User Info: LlamaNub

4 years ago#10
Nothing much you can do really. That's why you should pick a support that can make huge plays when supporting a pub. Something like Blitz and Leona.
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  3. Suppose you're playing support with a really terrible ADC.

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